Huang Jian

北京工商大学理学院数学系客座教授 ;


通讯地址:北京市海淀区阜成路33 号理学院数学系,邮编:100048
School of Mathematical Sciences; G-38; Western Gateway Building
University College Cork; Cork; Ireland

电话:010-68985292; +353-21-420-5831

1997 Ph.D.(University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland)
1987 MSc (North-Western Polytechnic University, Xian, China)
1982 BSc (Chongqing University, Chongqing, China)
2000-2003 Statistician NMRC, University College Cork
1998-1999 Boole Fellow University College Cork
1987-1996 Lecture Fuling Teachers College, China
1982-1984 Teaching assistant Fuling Teachers College, China
Research Interest
Modeling large spatio-temporal data, Time series analysis, Emission tomography, Inverse problems
Current PhD Supervision
Liam O'Suilleabháin, Tian Mou, Zhaoyan Xiu
Peer Reviewed Journals
Huang. J, O'Sullivan. F (2014) 'An Analysis of Whole Body Tracer Kinetics in Dynamic PET
Studies With Application to Image-Based Blood Input Function Extraction'. IEEE Transactions On
Medical Imaging, 33 :1093-1108
D. Hawe and F. Hernandez Fernandez and L. O'Suilleabháin and E. Wolsztynski and J. Huang and
F.O’Sullivan (2012) 'Kinetic analysis of dynamic positron emission tomography data using open-
Source image processing and statistical inference tools'. WIREs Computational Statistics,
F. O'Sullivan , M. Muzi , J. Huang , J.F. Eary , J. Link , K.A. Krohn (2012) 'A Fully Automatic
procedure for Image Derived Blood Extraction, Including Assessment of Metabolite, in Dynamic
PET Fluorothymidine (FLT) Studies'. European Journal of Cancer, 48 (6)
Huang J., O'Sullivan. F, Jike. L (2012) 'Plane-wave Sf S reconstruction of water surface
characteristics from Lambertian reflectance data'. Inverse Problems, 28
Huang J., Pawitan Y; (2000) Quasi-likelihood Estimation of Non-invertible Moving Average
Processes Scandinavian Journal of Statistics 27(4):689 - 702
Huang J., Salim A., Lei K., O'Sullivan, K., Pawitan, Y. (2009) 'Classification of array CGH data
using smoothed logistic regression model'. Statistics In Medicine, 28 :3798-3810
Wang L., Liu L.; Holmes J. D., Huang J., Kerry J. F., kerry, J. P., (2008) 'Effect of pH and
addition of corn oil on the properties of whey protein isolate-based films using response surface
methodology'. International Journal of Food Science & Technology, 43 :787-796
O’Sullivan F., Huang J., Roy Choudhury, K., Caulliez G., Shrira,V., (2008) 'Regularized
Reconstruction of Water Surfaces from Noisy Gradient Information using Plane Wave
Superposition'. Inverse Problems, 24 (034016)
Jian Huang, Kathleen O’Sullivan, John Levis, Elizabeth Kenny-Walsh, Orla Crosbie, Liam Fanning
(2008) 'Retrospective analysis of chronic hepatitis C in untreated patients with nonlinear mixed
effects model'. J. Biomedical Science and Engineering, (1):85-90
Huang J., Gusnanto A., O'Sullivan K. Staaf J., Borg A, Pawitan Y (2007) 'Robust smooth
segmentation approach for array CGH data analysis'. Bioinformatics (Oxford, England), 23 :2463-
Pawitan Y., Huang J., (2003) 'Constrained clustering of irregularly sampled spatial data'. Rna-A
Publication of The Rna Society, 73 :853-865
Gusnanto A., Pawitan Y., Huang J., Lane B., (2003) 'Variable selection in random calibration of
near-infrared instruments: ridge regression and partial least squares regression settings'. Journal of
Chemometrics, 17 :174-185
Brennan D. and Alderman J. and Sattler L. and Walshe J. and Huang J. and O'Connor B. and
O'Mathuna C. (2002) 'Development of a micro-spectrometer system for process control application'.
Huang J. and Brennan D. and Sattler L. and Alderman J. and Lane B. and O'Mathuna C. (2002) 'A
comparison of calibration methods based on calibration data size and robustness'.
Jian Huang and Pawitan Yudi (1999) 'Consistent Estimation for Non-Gaussian Non-Causal
Autoregessive Processes'. Journal of Time Series Analysis, 20 (4):417-423
Huang Jian (1989), On the Convergence of LAD Estimates of AR(p) Model Constants” Acta
Mathematics Applicatae Sinica, 12, No,4, 403-409

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