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Introduction to Department of Physics

Introduction to Department of Physics
The predecessor of Department of Physics is the Physics Teaching and Research Section, established in 1979. In January 2011, Department of Physics became part of the recently-founded School of Sciences in Beijing Technology and Business University.
Department of Physics comprises the Teaching and Research Section of Physics and the Experimental Physics Center. Currently, the department has 18 staff including 2 professors, 4 associate professors, 7 lecturers, and 5 technician. Among them, all 13 teachers are Ph.D.
Construction of Majors
Department of Physics has an undergraduatemajor of Optoelectronic information science and engineering and a Master of Materials physics and chemistryprogram. The research is major on the fields of Magnetic materials, optoelectronics, spintronics, and so on. In recent years, the Department of Physics has also achieved remarkable development in scientific research. The faculty hosts 5 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 2 projects of Beijing Natural Science Foundation and other 8 scientific projects of Beijing. The material physics team is named academic innovation team of Beijing; the faculty has published, as the first author, over 150 research papers, 42 of which are indexed by SCI/EI.
Academic Training
This major of Optoelectronic information science and engineering aims to cultivate well-grounded, practical, creative and all-round research talents who are welldeveloped in morality, intelligence and physical condition to meet the requirements of national modernization.The graduates are supposed to be able to do the research, teaching, development, production manufacturing andmanagement in the field such as optoelectronic detection, optoelectronic information engineering, optoelectronicimaging system and engineering, optoelectronic display and storage technology, and etc.
The master of materials physics and chemistryprogram aims to cultivate well-ground research talents who are welldeveloped in materials physics and chemistry condition to meet the requirements of national modernization.The graduates are supposed to be able to do the research, teaching, development, production manufacturing andmanagement in the field such as optoelectronics and magnetic materials and devices, and etc.
Department of Physics offers two required fundamental courses, namely University Physics and Experimental Physics, to the students from all the departments of science and engineering. Besides, the department also provides elective courses, such as Physics Open Experiments, Physics Demonstration Experiments, Physics Exploration and Practice. Moreover, the department delivers optional courses for the whole university, such as Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics, Introduction to Physics, and Modern Physics and Technology. The Department of Physics plays an important role in the education and training of physics thinking and training in the fundamental skills of experiment to all students in the fields of science and engineering in the university.
In recent years, the staff in Department of Physics has made remarkable achievements in teaching. They have accomplished one teaching reform project for Beijing government, one teaching reform project supported by the fundamental course teaching advisory committee of physics for higher education institutions of the Ministry of Education, and a few teaching reform projects of the university. The department has won two awards of excellent teaching achievement of Beijing; Individuals have won the title of the outstanding Junior Faculty; the Outstanding Faculty of Beijing; the first prize of Beijing Young Faculty Contest of Basic Skills; the Beijing Innovation Pacemaker of Education. The physics teaching team was rated excellent teaching team of the university. Two major fundamental courses, University Physics and Experimental Physics, were rated quality courses of the university. The textbook, Experimental Physics of University, edited by the Department of Physics, won the first prize of the Excellent Textbooks of the university. In all past Beijing undergraduate contests of physics, our university was on the top of the peer institutions in terms of levels and numbers of the prizes.. In Beijing contests of experimental physics held in the last 3 years, our university also made great achievements.
Laboratory Equipment
The Center of Experimental Physics consists of the Teaching Laboratory of Fundamental Physics, the Open Laboratory of Physics, PASCO Physics Laboratory, the Physics Research and Innovation Laboratory, and the Demonstration Laboratory of Physics. The center possesses a fixed asset of instruments and equipment with the total value of about 15 million Yuan and a total lab area of 1491 m2.
The instruments and equipment for fundamental physics teaching have being updated constantly so as to ensure that each student may have one set of instrument for the trainings in both basic skills of experimental physics and scientific talent.
The open laboratory of physics has been equipped a number of state-of-art physics instruments,  such as STM, ion sputtering coating, high temperature superconductor, film magnetoresistance measurement. The Open Laboratory of Physics is available to all of engineering students in the university. The on-line selection of classes has been achieved.
The PASCO physics laboratory was built in 2007 and equipped with the whole set of PASCO instruments from USA. The lab offers over 50 experimental projects covering mechanics, thermology, electromagnetism, optics, modern physics, and so on.
The physics demonstration laboratory has a total area of 232 m2. The physics demonstration gallery was also built in 2008. This lab brings physics demonstration into full play in the cultivation of students’ science qualification, and facilitating their research interests in natural science.
The physics research and innovation laboratory sets up a platform for the scientific research for engineering students. They are allowed do experiments in this lab after class in order to cultivate and enhance their ability to apply physics theory in creative ways.


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