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Introduction to Department of Cosmetics

Department of Cosmetics, School of Sciences, Beijing Technology and BusinessUniversity, began establishing based on the Department of Bioengineering, College of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, with part of the teachers merging into the School of Science in January 2011.


Presently Department of Cosmetics has 21 faculty members, including 6 professors, 7 associate professors, in which 17 persons have the doctorate. The proposed Department of Cosmetics will be a mainly dependable specialty for the Key Laboratory of Plant Resources Research and Development of Beijing, Quality Supervision and Testing Center of National Light Industry on Aloe Products, and Cosmetic Research Center of Beijing Technology and BusinessUniversity. The proposed Department of Cosmetics will pay attention to application and development of biotechnology in cosmetics, and health foods. During past five years the department undertook nearly 10 scientific research projects for "973", "863", the National "Eleventh Five-Year" Technology Support Program, the National Natural Science Foundation, the Beijing Natural Science Foundation and other so on, as well as more than 30 horizontal R & D projects. The scientific study fund in place reached more than 3 million yuan, more 100 papers and 6 monographs have been published, and more than 20 national invention patents were granted.


The proposed Department of Cosmetics relies on the Beijing Key Laboratory of Plant Resources Research and Development, the Beijing Technology and Business University, to develop researches, takes Chinese medicine theory as a guide and full uses the high-tech bio-technology to study and develop the plant resources; research and develop the green functional additives, functional cosmetic and functional health foods; isolate, purify and apply the natural active ingredients in the specific plant resources, highlight the cross science study of biology and cosmetic, including: (1) biological conversion technology study of specific plants (herbs); (2) applied biology technology study in efficacy and safety evaluation of cosmetics and the biological mechanism of role of cosmetics and additives on the skin; (3) new technology study of skin delivery systems of cosmetics, and development of plant functional additives.


This specialty owns many advanced engineering and technical personnel in following areas: basic theory and basic skills in the biotechnology and engineering, biological cell culture and breeding; the basic theory and basic skills in cell culture, breeding and other aspects of animal and plant; design, production management as well as new technology study and new product development. This specialty can provide more and better talents for the rapid development of China's cosmetic industry, highlighting applications of biotechnology in cosmetics.
Main Courses: Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry (including instrumental analysis), Principle of Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetic Engineering, Fermentation Technology, Biological Separation Engineering, Biological Engineering Equipment and so on. 


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