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 About School of Science

School of Science of Beijing Technology and Business University was established in January 2011. The school consists of department of mathematics, department of physics, department of chemistry, department of biotechnology , Beijing Key Laboratory of Plant Resources Research and Development, China Cosmetic Research Center and Chemical Experiment Center (Beijing Higher School Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center), which currently covers five first-level disciplines of mathematics, statistics, physics, chemistry and biology. We recruit postgraduate students of statistics, chemical technology, materials physics and chemistry, cosmetics science and technology, and also set four undergraduate majors: Applied Statistics, Information and Computational Science, Chemistry and biotechnology. In addition, we have a joint undergraduate program Risk and Actuarial Science with University College Cork, Ireland. At present, there are about 700 undergraduates, 80 postgraduates.
Sticking to discipline construction as its main task, the school optimizes the discipline structure, extracts the features of the disciplines, develops advantaged disciplines and cultivates innovative teams by integrating the discipline construction with the construction of academic programs and laboratories. Many achievements have been made in discipline construction. For example, the cosmetics science which is featured in cosmetics materials and appraisal criteria has won a good reputation at home and abroad.
The school has many state of the art laboratories. The Beijing Key Laboratory of Plant Resources Research and Development, certified by Beijing Municipal Education Committee and Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Committee, is currently the sole teaching and scientific research institute in our country that specializes in R&D of aloe and related plant products. The laboratory is mainly directed to the research and development of plant resources through the application of modern biotechnologies including genetic engineering, cell engineering and enzyme engineering, the development of high-resolution separation and purification techniques of bioactive components from Chinese specific plant species, as well as the development of natural functional additives to cosmetics and foods. The State Light Industrial Center for Quality Supervision and Testing of Aloe Products was established attached to the laboratory, and meanwhile the State Test Center for Function and Safety of Cosmetics materials and products is now under construction. The Chemical Experiment Center is composed of 4 basic experimental course laboratories (Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry), Medium Instrument Laboratory and Comprehensive Chemistry Laboratory. The experimental physics center consists of the teaching laboratory of fundamental physics, materials physics laboratory, the open laboratory of physics, PASCO physics laboratory, the physics research and innovation laboratory, and the demonstration laboratory of physics.
By March 2014, there are 102 staff, 86 full-time teachers, including 16 professors, 35 associate professors, 35 lecturers. 67 teachers in the School have doctoral degree, accounting for 78% of total; two Doctoral Advisor, 42 Master Advisors. One expert receives the state council special allowance, and we also boast one National University Excellent Backbone Teacher, one Beijing's New Century Key Talent in Engineering, one Beijing Teaching Master, one Beijing Outstanding Teacher, one Innovative Builder of Higher School of Beijing Education, one Beijing Education Innovation Pacesetter, two Beijing Academic Innovation Teams, 12 Beijing Outstanding Young Teachers.
In recent 3 years, our faculty members have obtained 3 Beijing outstanding teaching achievement prizes, won one second prize of Beijing Science and Technology, two first prizes of Education and Teaching achievements of BTBU, one first prize of Beijing Young Teachers' Basic Skills Competition, chaired 18 National Natural Science Funds, chaired 10 Beijing Natural Science Funds programs and more than 60 other applied research projects, had 12 national invention patents granted, and published, as the first author, over 300 research papers, more than 100 of which are indexed by SCI/EI, and over 10 books. In addition, the average annual research funds that we have received in recent 3 years hit more than 8 million yuan ($1.4million).
At present, our faculty and staff members are taking the founding of the School of Science as a new start, and are engaged in frontier research, innovative teaching. By providing community service, showing respect for knowledge and talents, putting students in the first place, we are working diligently and trying hard to realize the change of BTBU from a teaching-oriented university to a teaching and research-oriented university!

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