Introduction for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Laboratory Center

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Laboratory Center of Beijing Technology and Business University is composed by chemistry lab, applied chemistry lab, chemical engineering principles lab and instrument center, belonging to College of Science. It has been rewarded as “Demonstration Lab Center for Experimental Teaching of Beijing” in 2008. In addition, CCELC passed Beijing examination in 2015. CCELC use director responsibility system and post appointment, having 1 director and 4 deputy directors. Other staffs include course charging teachers and lab technicians. They are hired through job posting and have to compete for a position. Labor and material resources are allocated by the center, in other words, course charging teachers and lab technicians are dispatched by the center according to teaching plan, experimental teaching reform and lab construction are launched by the center, lab opening hour and experimental content are arranged by the center, experimental teaching funding is assigned by the center, it is also in charge of purchase, management, maintenance and renovation for instruments. Large-scale equipment is operated by professional technicians in order to improve the efficiency.

In recent years, school and college leaders have given highly priority and policy support to construct CCELC. As a result, software and hardware of CCELC get further development, great achievement has been made in teaching reform. Until the end of 2014, the property of CCELC reached 88 million RMB. 128 pieces of equipment worth over 100 thousand RMB, which takes up 7.8 percent. Total value for those instruments is over 58 million RMB. The purchase for instruments is financed by special construction funds, which can be implemented as planned. Equipment has been upgraded and plays an important role in experimental teaching. The utilization rate is close to 100%. In recent 5 years, CCELC has won 10 awards of Beijing and got 215 projects, 61 of them are provincial projects. 560 papers has been published, 60 of them are accepted by SCI.
CCELC prepare basic chemical experiment, cosmetic chemistry experiment, applied chemistry experiment and chemical engineering experiment for 15 classes. They are from different majors, including chemistry, applied chemistry, bio-technology, food science and engineering, environmental engineering, bio-engineering and material. Visits for CCELC reach 1680 and experimental time reach 58240 hours per year. CCELC is responsible for more than 130 undergraduates’ dissertations. Based on completing teaching tasks, CCELC uses partially opened management mode. Students can redo some experiments and do some innovative experiments by reservation. CCELC also organize and cultivate students to take part in Beijing Chemistry Experiment Contest. Based on professional advantages in light product quality analysis, cosmetics and applied chemistry, CCELC constantly provides device platforms and technical guidance for our students and thus greatly improves students’ research and innovation ability.


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